Animals have always been my greatest passion, I became interested in animal behaviour at a very young age and have always been surrounded by as many animals as possible. I created Dog Dialogue because I wanted to be able to help people understand their canine family members so that they can experience the gift of one of the most beautiful friendships a person can have. 

Dogs are the only species on this planet that are truly altruistic, no dog is born bad! Every dog is unique and has their own inherent personality and traits. Breed, history and environment are three factors that always need to be taken into consideration when correcting and managing behaviour.

I offer a  personalised service and do not end a consultation until my client is satisfied with the results we have achieved. The majority of clients only need one consultation, unless there is a specific reactivity that requires ongoing intense supervision. After the initial consultation I am available to my clients 24/7 by phone, so that if they do find themselves in a situation that they are unable to manage, they can call me and more often than not, I am able to assist them in resolving the issue over the phone. 

"Dogs do speak, but only to those that know how to listen" 
Orhan Pamuk

Best Job In The World

Introducing Ralph to his new little brother Gus.

Ponyo graduates puppy school.

Teaching puppies appropriate play behaviour.

Moderating play between pups with different energy and weight.

Teaching Charlie to trust.

Trust around bones

Teaching Daigo the dingo recall.

How to enjoy a bath.

Helping little puppy Max feel safe during play with a much larger dog, big Jack.

Zoe graduates puppy school