My vision

My love, respect and passion for all living things and this amazing planet, is the greatest gift my parents have given me. From the day I was born, I was taught that every living creature has the right to live free of harm and neglect, and all things on this earth are interconnected and must be protected. I was taught that as human beings it is our responsibility to protect, defend, shield and shelter all of mother natures amazing creations. I was taught that we as human beings need to speak for those that have no voice, we as human beings must use our abilities to conserve nature not destroy it. 

I have two big brothers so I had to keep up with them, so I skipped the whole crawling thing and started walking at nine months of age. From the first step I took, I  dodged the ants refusing to harm a single one. I guess there a certain things our Mums pass onto us whilst we are in the womb. No one told me I shouldn't step on the ants, I was only nine months old, walking seemed a pretty good achievement in itself, but I just knew I did not want to harm the ants. As I grew Mum would take me into the garden and put a tiny spider gently on my hand. Mum taught me not to fear things but to understand them and to always protect them. 

I was an incredibly shy child and was more comfortable when I was alone than when I was with people. I never felt that I belonged when i was in company with people. Whilst other children played together,  I would sit in trees for hours and hours just watching the world, the birds, the clouds, lizards, the bees, ants and spiders. The world was full of life and I was fascinated by all of it. When I was 11 years old my family left the suburbs and moved to a 10 acre property. I became even more isolated from people, this was not at all a problem for me, I could not of been happier. I was surrounded by nature and this was when I really began to understand what I now believe to be my reason. 

From the moment I learnt to speak and to write I would ask Santa every Christmas for a Puppy, my birthday I would ask my parents, I'd even ask the Easter Bunny at Easter. My Parents both worked long hours and they wanted to wait until everything was perfect to bring a puppy into our family. We had Tinky our cat from before I was born and grey cat a stray cat I had befriended and adopted. I bought every injured creature I ever found home to be nursed back to health and released. 

I have over 16 years experience in canine behavioural management and have qualifications in both animal behaviour and canine psychology and training and I am a registered member of the Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT Australia INC). I am currently studying the tertiary level Advanced Diploma in Canine Aggression.

My ethos is simple, I will teach you how your dog thinks and why they do the things that they do, so that you are then equipped to manage their behaviour. A lot of behaviourists will offer a quick fix to problem behaviours, in some cases this may very well be the case but in reality behavioural correction is a process.

 My aim when taking on a new client is to teach them the skills and educate them on why their dog is behaving in a manner that has become a problem. I show people how dogs learn then teach them many different ways to teach their individual dog, because just like people not all dogs learn in the same way. I'm sure that there are millions of people that never reach their full potential in life, simply because their learning environment was not conducive to their "way of learning". Having the knowledge and skill to teach your dog all the things that they need to learn so that they can live happily and safely in a world designed for humans should be your aim. Because learning is a process! The reality is that you're the one that will need to teach your dog. You're with them every day, and every moment you have with them is an opportunity to teach them the things you would like them to understand. There are certain things that I will teach doggies during a class or consultation that they will retain very easily, particularly puppies, however every single behaviour that your puppy or adult dog learns, must be constantly repeated successfully in order for that to become a consistant and dependable behaviour. 

 If you are prepared to learn the skills that are required and provide the appropriate environment with patience, kindness, respect and persistence, I personally do not believe that there is any behavioural issue that can not be corrected or in the very least managed, so that each angel can have the safest and happiest life possible.

Dogs are my world and I love what I do, so if you are having any behavioural related issues with your dog please call me and we can work together to find the solution so you can enjoy the most beautiful friendship a person can have. Animals and the environment have always been my greatest passion in life. I have spent a lot of time overseas working on conservational projects that protect the Orangutan and Mountain Gorilla and their habitats and I continue to do so whenever possible. I have always had an intense love of  dogs and have strived for as long as I can remember to learn and  understood how they work, something I continue to do on a daily basis. I was in Kisoro Uganda being followed by several dogs in a place where people have no respect for dogs and absolutely no understanding of their beautiful ability to be truly selfless, loyal and the best friend a person can have, that I desire to devote myself to dogs was confirmed.  I was in a place surrounded by poverty where children have nothing and are scared of dogs. I made a decision to try an educate people about these beautiful animals and the friendship and love they offer. I began teaching people in Africa the most basic concepts of k9 and human friendship, watching people go from fearing dogs to respecting, loving them and developing a friendship like no other, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! 

I knew all I had to do was open the window for people that hadn't experienced the love of a dog or animal and the dogs would do the rest. Once a person experiences the greatest gift life has to offer, the love and bond with a dog, they will then open the window for another person and so on and so on. My wish is that every human being on this planet could see and feel what I do about dogs and animals, then not one would need suffer ever again.

 So I decided that is what I wanted to do with my life! Best decision I've ever made, every angel I meet I consider a dear friend, and will do what ever it takes to help them and their family, I'd do what I do for free if I didn't have a mortgage. I feel so very lucky that I am able to do what I love most in this world, and what I am most passionate about, every single day. 

"Animal cruelty is one of the most unfortunate and barbaric demonstrations of human beings manipulating ill conceived notions of "power" over other species."   

Ian Somerhalder