You are so amazing I could not believe how magical it was tonight attending your puppy class.


Fiona (Paddy the border Collie)

East Vic Park

Nat seriously Dexter is a different dog after your session the other day! We have been following your training program and we cant believe that this is “our crazy Dexter”, are you sure you didn’t swap Dexter with a well trained look a like ha ha ha. We cant thank you enough.

Craig, Sarah and Dexter


I had started puppy pre-school with my pup Oscar at my local vet, I wasn't happy with the lack of experience or knowledge the instructor had. A lady at my local dog park had mentioned Nat and how amazing her classes were. I booked Oscar in and I couldn't believe the difference in Nat's classes compared to the classes I had attended at the vet clinic. Oscar is a miniture poodle cross maltese and was so frightened by the bigger pups in the vet classes that he had started to snap and hide away. From the moment Oscar entered Nat's classes she was on the floor with all the pups and explaining the importance of managing the size and weight ratios of all the pups during play. Nat explained that just the weight, size or energy of some pups is enough to overwhelm and intimidate smaller pups. She explained that play needs to be managed so that no puppy ever feels intimidated and becomes self protective. Nat showed us how to manage play amongst 6 puppies of all different breeds, sizes and temperaments, every single puppy relished the play and not a single one was frightened or overwhelmed. The knowledge Nat has is immeasurable and we are so grateful to her for teaching us everything we needed to know, so that we could raise Oscar to be a happy playful little adult dog.

Val, Stephen and Oscar Tyler

“As a first time puppy Mum I’ve come to realise that we need just as much training as our fur babies. Nat is absolute magic when it comes to communicating with owners and their dogs, I’ve seen her successfully work with a range of breeds of varying size, personality and background. I have a head strong and cheeky Japanese Spitz who likes to push his boundaries, Nat really helped us to understand each other as well as providing very valuable lessons when he was a baby. Her dedication to animals and their welfare shines through in all of her training sessions. I could not recommend her services more highly!

Mel and Saki

Nat is simply one of a kind, you have to meet her to understand. I'm convinced she is more dog than human, and we love her for it. Our beautiful Staffy Molly adores Nat!!! So grateful to her, for her knowledge experience and her ability to share both and teach us the language of dog, that she is so clearly fluent in!

Kath and Molly

Yesterday's park class was awesome Nat. The highlight of my day for sure. So grateful you've set it up. Cheers woman!

Peace & Cody :-) :-)
Really enjoyed your park class Nat. U have so much to offer it's delicious! And the way u found time for everyone there was impressive woman - well done. You have a lovely way about you and really know how to connect with the humans as well as the doggies. Love your passion and confidence!!! Bless u. Peace and Kody :-)

Peace and Kody

Mount Lawley

You are an amazing person and an especially amazing trainer I'm so lucky! Learnt from the best. I love him to pieces he's my baby thanks so much and promise you'll keep in touch and come visit x

Rachael and Zeus


Nat, thank you so much for your help, you're so natural at what you do and I can't believe how quickly Benjy learnt when you showed us the correct way to teach him. He adored you and we loved having you assist us and thank you once again.

Sam, Lee and Benjy

South Perth

Nat is amazing, she has trained my 2 yr old dog Bailey since he was 9 weeks old and I dread to think what he would be like if we hadn't met Nat! She has a solution for all your dogs needs/issues and will make sure you get it before she will leave. If you put in the hard work with Nat's techniques you will see the results. Nat loves all her dogs and will always check in to see how your furbaby is doing. Nat literally speaks dog!
Sarah and Bailey

Nat MUST have been a dog in a past life. This is the only possible explanation I can think of for the bond Nat seems to have with every single dog she comes across. I have never met another person who I could say was BORN to do any job, but I can say Nat was born to work with dogs. Her understanding of the way dogs think and feel is a deep one, and, after happening to see Nat training a poodle in road sense, I can also say her patience knows no bounds. Our dog Tiger, although fully trained by Nat, still wets himself with excitement when he sees her. She's the only person who has this effect on him. It has truly been a pleasure to watch her work. 

Rob, Gemma and Tiger James

Hi Nat - Guess what AJ has come for a lift ride twice now. Not sure why but just hopped in and didn't seemed stressed at all about it. She really is getting more trusting and confident. Thanks to you.
Monika and Tony Jarret


 Nat you’re so dedicated we can all tell how much you love your work. George was great last night walked back to the car like a big boy. Probably new he was going home lol. C u next week.

Nat we cannot thank you enough, Alfie has completely calmed down and is so easy to walk on the lead now. You made it look so easy!!!!!Thank you so much what you do for people is priceless. You can tell that you genuinely love animals and that is why you do what you do. We are so grateful and will recommend you to anyone that needs assistance.

Sarah and Alfie

North Perth

Hi nat!!! Seriously awesome day yeaterday was! We will def do this again on the next milestone...adolescent!! Thank you so much!
Verma Jack and Indi


I heard about Nat through a friend who had attended her puppy classes. They could not speak more highly of someone, and after meeting Nat I totally understood their respect and admiration for her. Nat has a way about her that engages the families of the puppies almost as much as the puppies! Her ability to deliver the training is simply impeccable. Her unconditional love and respect for each and every puppy is as obvious as her natural ability. Nat literally has a gift and our little Moodle Ellie got the best start in life because we were lucky enough to attend Nat's puppy classes. We had Nat come to our home and do a private consult when Ellie was 8 months old, Nat stayed with us for over 3 hours, there was nothing she did not cover. Ellie went from an out of control adolescent pup to a well behaved pup that we could enjoy sharing our lives with. Ellie is as much a part of our family as each one of us, and we now consider Nat family too.

Tes, James, Mark, Sarah 

My awesome vet Pip has been recommending you based on reports from her clients. She is awesome and she is going to contact you about her own dog.
Mt Lawley