I am still bewildered that dog training and behavioural management is completely unregulated in WA. Because there is no regulated standard for trainers and behavioural consultants, anyone can do a five minute online course or register a business name and claim to be a qualified trainer or behavioural consultant that knows what they are doing. This is not only irresponsible it can be incredibly dangerous.

My advice to people that are looking for a professional to help them with their training goals are as follows.

* If you are dealing with a serious behaviour issue that involves reactivity to any stimulus, and there is even  

  the slightest risk that physical or psychological injury could result then look for a trainer with a minimum of 

  TEN years experience, that also has specific qualifications in the areas that you need addressed.

* For basic behavioural and obedience training find a trainer with a minimum of FIVE years experience.

* For classes including puppy preschool look for a trainer that has a minimum of FIFTY hours of instruction 

  of classes in that area.

Make sure you research the service provider, their experience and their qualifications. 

Always CHECK their REVIEWS and ask for evidence of their experience.